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Encourage Learning Before Birth

Early Learning Begins in the Womb:


Studies show during the last 10-weeks of pregnancy, babies are listening to their mothers talk.  CLICK HERE to read one article that explores how a mother's conversation impacts their unborn baby's language development. 

Research also shows that the 5 senses begin to build during pregnancy. THIS ARTICLE discusses how a mother's pre-natal care can affect this development.


Science of Early Learning:

It used to be that "Early Learning" began when a child started school. Now, research determines this to be false. Instead, the crucial learning time is said to be between pregnancy and 5-years-old. CLICK HERE to learn about other misconceptions, as well as other principles of early learning.


Important Resource:

Florida's Newborn Screening Program


Science in Seconds: A Short Discussion of "Nature" and "Nurture" 

Annie Murphy Paul on How Babies Learn Before Birth

Episode 1 of PBS’s The Secret Life Of The Brain 



The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, Inc. offers a variety of programs to help with early detection of physical or learning challenges in a child's life. If any concerns are found, we promote understanding between parents and providers of the condition and propose a course of action to best address these concerns. The Coalition's Developmental Screening department administers the age-appropriate developmental screenings for each child through our contracted child care providers on a semiannual basis. Providers are then responsible for communicating to parents/guardians in writing, the results of each screening conducted. We believe that by identifying any developmental delays early on… parents and child care providers can work together to track a child’s progress and ensure any additional services are provided if necessary.

For more information about ELCPBC's Developmental Screening Process, please see the ELCPBC Screening Manual.



Ages and Stages Questionnaires® Developmental Screenings (ASQ)

The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County offers ASQ developmental screenings for children, 2-months to 5-years of age, to identify possible delays in a child’s development. Simple to complete questionnaires are given to the child’s parent and/or teacher every twelve months that cover a wide range of skill areas including: 

  • Communication – addresses vocalizing, listening and understanding
  • Gross Motor – focuses on arm, body and leg movements
  • Fine Motor – focuses on hand and finger movements
  • Problem Solving – addresses learning and playing with toys
  • Personal-Social – focuses on social play and self-help skills

General information about the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) is available at:

If a child shows a possible developmental delay, parents/guardians are given a free Health Beginnings referral to have their child receive an in-depth evaluation of the child’s overall development by our community partner HomeSafeFor more information about Healthy Beginnings Referrals, our Early Intervention and Inclusion Department, and other local community resources relating to Special Needs, please click here.


Ages and Stages Questionnaires® Social-Emotional Developmental Screenings (ASQ:SE)

An important area in a child’s development is the ability to regulate their emotions and manage their social interactions. The ASQ:SE is a screening tool which is designed to identify children 3-months through 66-months of age whose social-emotional development may require a further evaluation. 

An ASQ:SE is completed when a concern has been expressed by either the parent or the child care provider. Simple to complete questionnaires are given to the child’s parent and/or teacher that address behaviors such as:

  • Self-Regulation - ability to adjust to the environment
  • Compliance - ability to follow rules and directions
  • Affect - ability to demonstrate own feelings
  • Interaction with people – ability to respond appropriately in social situations

Children who show possible social-emotional difficulties are offered a referral to another community agency that can provide a more in-depth evaluation of the child.


Vision and Hearing Screenings

The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County provides vision and hearing screenings to children participating in the Early Head Start program. Screenings are completed to detect early signs of potential hearing and vision problems. The early detection and proper treatment of vision and hearing problems can directly impact a child's success in the classroom.



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